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NOT muses

PROFILE: Doctors John Best & Sunny Lai

Newlyweds John Best and Sunny Lai recently shared their vows in the mountains of Taiwan where they dressed in unconventional wedding attire from NOT. Read more

PROFILE: Composer-Pianist Sugar Vendil

Sugar Vendil is a passionate, outspoken artist who has been paving her own path in the New York music scene for over a decade.  Read more

PROFILE: Artist Sandra Felt

Sandra Felt is a self-taught fine artist based in New Jersey whose medium is light and paint. Read more

PROFILE: Filmmaker Redha Medjellekh

Redha Medjellekh is a choreographer, director, and filmmaker who certainly knows his subject. Read more

PROFILE: Animator Luke Parker & Art Director Joyce Chen

Get to know motion designer Luke Parker and design director Joyce Chen, the collaborators behind our animated fashion film VIV. Read more

PROFILE: Curator Queenie Wong

A personal visit with Queenie Wong, director of Sonnabend Gallery. Read more

Profile: Photographer Andrew Boyle

Andrew Boyle is an Australian-native, Brooklyn based photographer who has found himself in the depths of WWE World Wrestling Championships... Read more

Profile: Art Director Shiori Miyashita

Art director Shiori Miyashita has been a collaborator with NOT for several years now. Read more

Menswear Enthusiast Bliss Foster reviews NOT

Menswear enthusiast and stylist Bliss Foster reviews the sleeper hits of designer clothes. Read more

New York Fashion Week | NOT street style

NOT street styles spotted at New York Fashion Week. Read more

A Portrait of Katy Bartel in NOT

Journalist, poet, and educator Katy Bartel in NOT Interlock Coat. Read more

Washington Post on Star Violinist Leila Josefowicz' distinctive dress

“When the violinist Leila Josefowicz walks on stage, you know she’s a different kind of performer just by looking at her..." Read more

Violinist Audrey Wright performs in a set of NOT dresses

Violinist Audrey Wright wears NOT on stage. Read more

Violinist Leila Josefowicz performs at BBC PROMS

Star violinist Leila Josefowicz in head-to-toe NOT for BBC Proms. Read more

A Week with Manisha Nair from Ifstyledanced

Fashion blogger and classical Indian dancer Manisha Nair in 5 NOT looks for the week. Read more