No. 18

NOT's 2023 Collection is a balance between energy and stillness. Subdued grays, greens and blues suggest stone, plant, and water, while injections of emerald green, salmon-pink, and electric blue imbue energy. 
This collection was inspired by examining the relationship between human and nature that I witnessed all around me while living in Japan last Fall. In Kyoto, I befriended the talented artisan Takeshi Nakajima and fell in love with his fabrics made using traditional Japanese hand-dyeing techniques. Through his strokes, I saw moving water and air. I was inspired to create a collection that would grow around Takeshi’s textiles and to express the impact of my observations.
This collection imagines garments as a frame or window through which to observe an ever-changing “scene”. Within the garment, Takeshi’s hand-dyed fabrics are presented as a piece of artwork. Each garment which includes his textiles is unique; each brushstroke, mixing of color, and temperature and humidity of the day will result in unique variations. This collection captures a meandering path, a meeting of the round and rectangular, and subtle movements expressed within line and silhouette. 
yellow and gray loop print jacket over gray wool pants on left and Jumpsuit on the right.
Black cutout top over neoprene pants on the left and men's white shirt with swirl neck collar on the right
Mint green shirt over black pants on male model on left and blue and white patterned loose top on female model on the right
Back shot of draped blue silk top on female model on the left, laughing male model in slate green coat and black drop crotch pants on the right
Slate green coat over pink and gray top and green skirt on female model on left, navy men's shirt with pink and green pattern on the right
Seated model in the green and pink patterned top on the left, and white and blue men's shirt over draped pant on the right
Male model in navy and green t-shirt and shorts on the left, green and pink draped look on female model on the right
Navy mesh top with drape detail over emerald green neoprene pants on the left and pink mesh top on the right

 Photographer: Andrew Boyle / Models: Sam Marie Mohite, Sean Gilmore / Woven silicone shoes by Shore