Celebrating the ability to move freely and easily, Mobile Projects represent NOT’s cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaborations.



Celebrating eight years of collaboration between designer Jenny Lai and photographer Andrew Boyle, this virtual exhibition presented select photographs, motion collages, as well as new works created specifically for this virtual venue. Unplanned Paths was produced by the gallery, The Chockablock in Decentraland. Enjoy a tour of the exhibition:


"Outside In" was a puppet theater piece presented at St Ann's Warehouse (Brooklyn, NY) for their annual new puppet theater festival in February 2022. Designer Jenny Lai conceived "Outside In" as three vignettes of what it means to be present, to be aware of presence, and to measure presence. Chameleon-like garments find their way in a delightfully absurd world, performed by contemporary mime actors. Discover the project here



This series was created in collaboration with artist and engineer Geoff Robertson, who built a modular machine of spinning light for single exposure photographs. In this series, the halo machine paints portraits of designer Jenny Lai wearing her own designs. 

geoff robertson jenny lai

Geoff Robertson Jenny Lai halo machine

Geoff Robertson Jenny Lai halo machineGeoff Robertson Jenny Lai halo machineGeoff Robertson Jenny Lai halo machine

NOT x ANDREW BOYLE | Quarantine Edition

The following stop-motions were created between NOT designer Jenny Lai and photographer Andrew Boyle remotely with experimental techniques during the Spring 2019 Covid-19 lockdown. Sound design was also created remotely by Germany-based Métaphore Sonore.



VIV, a NOT fashion animation

From crunchy beginnings in paper - to rough mock ups that tear off and float away - to a final fantastical dance, this 3d animated film takes you through the birth of a garment as an amorphous living organism. As the lights go on, the performance begins - a proper setting for our brand which views dressing as an everyday performance.

Animations by Luke Parker, direction by Joyce Chen, and original music by percussionist Mike Truesdell.



NOT's menswear collection references the protective qualities of judo attire and rubber gloves to create a supernatural second skin. Two original prints, made in collaboration with artist Margaret Sampson, were created from magnified scans of nitrile coated rubber gloves found in hardware stores. Expanding on the concept, photographer Andrew Boyle created a series of animations and a printed zine featuring photography and hand-cut collage featuring model Anthony Lyons. 


Andrew Boyle NOT by  Jenny Lai zine

 andrew boyle jenny lai

andrew boyle jenny lai

jenny lai andrew boyle

andrew boyle jenny lai

andrew boyle jenny lai



Inspired by Alex Katz' painting 'The Roof', this campaign by photographer Ina Jang and art director Shiori Miyashita for NOT captures opposing perspectives of distinct movements, with movement direction by César Brodermann in collaboration with Leal Zielińska.

NOT by Jenny Lai SS18 Ina Jang

NOT by Jenny Lai SS18 Ina Jang

NOT by Jenny Lai SS18 Ina Jang

NOT by Jenny Lai SS18 Ina Jang

NOT by Jenny Lai SS18 Ina Jang

NOT by Jenny Lai SS18 Ina Jang



NOT x Chris Saunders is a cross-cultural research, fashion, and photography project that took place in South Africa in January 2014. Jenny Lai's collaboration with South African photographer Chris Saunders and performance artist Manthe Ribane culminated in exhibitions at the Museum of African Design (Johannesburg), Design Indaba (Capetown), and Wallplay Gallery (New York).

NOT X CHRIS SAUNDERS from Chris Saunders on Vimeo.



Select NOT collections are sent to photographers around the world who have complete freedom in the concept and subject of the clothes.

This 2014 mini series takes place in and among academic schools in Taipei, Taiwan by Paris-based photographer Leo Berne. 


This miniseries takes place in Stockton Bight, New South Wales Australia by photographer Lauren Eiko.