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In addition to ready-to-wear collections, NOT creates site-specific and custom performance experiences by collaborating with musicians and dancers pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary performance. Recent projects include working with Shen Wei Dance Arts and Danielle Russo Performance Project, producing a Butoh performance at Paris concept space The Community, and custom performance-wear for solo violinist Leila Josefowicz and percussionist Mike Truesdell. 


Percussionist Maria Finkelmeier performs at Open Senses UK Festival, with remixed videos and live improvisation.

Maria Finkelmeier Open Senses UK Festival



Site specific, audience interactive performance by Butoh artist Gyohei Zaitsu, conceptualized by NOT for Paris-based experimental concept store, The Community.


Shen Wei's 2016 'Neither' premiere for BAM, costume designs by Shen Wei, crafted by Jenny Lai.


Custom performancewear for Danielle Russo Performance Project's 'Salome', a site-specific dance/theatre piece performed in the belly of an empty swimming pool on Governor's Island.  


Violinist Leila Josefowicz wears NOT, performing with John Adams and Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. Photo courtesy of Renske Vroklijk/Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. 


Custom performance wear for Gallim Dance Company for the premiere of 'Fold Here' at the Guggenheim and Montclair University in September 2013


Custom velvet shirt for toy pianist and composer David Smooke.


Custom performance wear for Nouveau Classical Project for their "Sacred/Profane" concert where the garments unravel along with the progressively explosive program. 


Custom performance wear for percussionist Mike Truesdell's solo concert of electronics and marimba. 


Custom performance wear for Aynsley Van den Broucke's '35 1/2'  , premiered at The Chocolate Factory, New York in May 2013. 


A unitard and harness made up of dissected used pointe shoes, and 13-foot wide tutu apparatus for modern dancer Mary Ellen Beaudreau's solo piece 'Ballet Confessions' in May 2014.