The Classical Musician's Dilemma: What to Wear?

"How do I want the audience to feel? What will inhibit my movement? How will the dress reflect the music and the overall aesthetic I'm trying to project of the concert?"

These are a few questions that violinist Katha Zinn asks herself as a frequent performer. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Katha (we met 17 years ago at Walnut Hill Arts School!), on her upcoming video of the gorgeous Ysayë Sonata No. 2 "Obsession". Interpreting the mood, textures, and colors of each movement, I chose four different NOT garments for her to wear. 

Katha will be launching the videos over the next few weeks, but first, enjoy our introductory interview! Katha and I sit down to discuss the concerns she faces while choosing what to wear, how I went about choosing each garment for this particular violin sonata, and we also share behind-the-scenes footage of our fitting session.

Designer Jenny Lai and Violinist Katha Zinn discuss classical music and fashion.

For our interview, Jenny is wearing Cropped Tilt Block Sweater and Katha is in the Split Dolman Top.

A special thanks to Illya from aTonalHits for putting this all together. Enjoy and share! Click through on the logo to "Watch on Youtube" to leave your comments!


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