How to care for different fabrics

Here is our guide for how to care for different fabrics, especially with designer clothes that you want to last as long as possible. We'll be highlighting eight of the fabrics we most love to use in our designs! We hope this will be a helpful guide and maybe even teach you a thing or two you didn't know.


100% Cottonlike our Topsy Turvy Shirtdress.

Why we love it: Cotton is breathable and easy to care for.
How to clean it: Cotton garments are more durable and can usually be washed in the machine, although for delicate designs, I still tend to dry clean or hand wash. Cotton is the most likely to shrink in the laundry process, so hand-wash or use cold water delicate cycle and dry on low heat settings to avoid.

how to care for cotton and silk designer clothes

100% Silk, like our Back Loop Dress.

Why we love it: Another breathable fabric that feels luxurious against the skin.
How to clean it: Dry cleaning is the most hands-off option. Hand-wash the whole garment in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergent. Instead of squeezing the water out, roll the garment in a towel and gently press. To get the wrinkles out, steam gently.
Fun fact: When storing silk pieces, store in a dark place without plastic, as silk needs to breathe.

100% Wool, like our Loose Layer Jacket.

Why we love it: It’s breathable! Meaning that it will cool you down when you’re warm, and warm you up when you’re cold. It also reduces sweat odor and is not as easy to get dirty.

How to clean it: Dry clean or hand-wash. Wool garments can shrink in the wash and dryer, so hand wash in cold water with mild detergent to avoid this. Lay flat to dry.

how to care for wool and jersey fabrics

Knit Jersey, like our Interlock Top.

Why we love it: It’s comfortable, stretchy, and just so easy for everyday wear. Jersey can be made from a whole variety of fibers: cotton, silk, viscose, polyester or a blend.

How to clean it: Wash in the washing machine in cold water and dry on a low heat setting to prevent shrinkage. For more delicate items, you can hand wash, and dry by pressing with a towel. If the garment has sleeves, I’d avoid hanging it on a hanger as the knit will conform to that shape. 


Neoprene, like our Curve Shoulder Sweater Bubble.

Why we love it: It is comfortable to wear, has insulating qualities, and is stain-resistant. We also love it’s ability to hold a structure and create fun shapes!

How to clean it: This fabric may be new to some people's wardrobes, but don’t be intimidated! Simply hand wash it with cool water and mild detergent. Do not use the dryer - hang to dry or place on towel.

how to care for neoprene and tyvek designer clothing


Tyvek, like our Tyvek Vent Shirt.

Why we love it: Tyvek is an interesting one - you may recognize it wrapping houses for insulation, but has been gaining popularity in the fashion industry, especially when bonded with a top layer of fabric. It is made of spun-filament polyester and is stronger than cotton, waterproof (equally strong whether wet or dry), and tear-resistant.

How to clean it: Handwash with mild soap, hang dry. Do not put in a dryer, dry clean, or use an iron on this fabric.


Synthetic, like our nylon men's Interlock Jacket

Do we love it? Polyester gets a bad rep, and we get it. Polyester can’t be properly recycled and is dependent on fossil fuels. We ONLY purchase end-of-stock and in-stock polyester fabrics instead of putting new yardage into production, and most of what we use is high quality performance/athletic fabric which is usually made with polyester.  A few positives to note - smooth polyester fibers don’t have microfibers to shed (as compared to fluffy fleece or faux fur. Use a very fine mesh washing bag in the machine to catch microfibers), their environmental impact is comparable to other natural fibers, polyester fibers are generally more durable, can make a garment last longer, and is resistant to shrinking.

How to clean it: Turn the garment inside out to reduce pilling, machine wash in cold or warm water. Dry on low heat or hang dry (dries quickly by air!). 

How to care for synthetic fabrics designer clothes

Mesh, like our Dappled Mesh Top.

Why we love it: It’s breathable, lightweight, comfortable - especially love wearing it in the summer.

How to clean it: Especially with mesh with larger holes, it’s important to place it in a mesh bag before tossing it in with your other clothes so it doesn’t get snagged. Machine-wash in warm water and tumble dry at a low setting or hang dry (air dries very quickly!)


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