Machine washable and wrinkle resistant designer clothes for travel

There are certain pieces I reach for over and over again when packing, so I decided to curate a collection of NOT styles that are machine washable and wrinkle-resistant! People often ask me which NOT pieces can be thrown in the machine to wash, are easy to pack, and don't wrinkle easily. Being a frequent traveler myself, I equally love pieces that can pack tight and allow me to travel stylishly without effort. For those of you who are always looking for easy-to-care-for style, I hope this curation is helpful! 


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A lot of you have also asked what is the best way to keep your special clothes looking good for as long as possible? My general rule of thumb is to wash clothes as infrequently as possible. Every wash and dry cycle affects the quality of the fabric, so I usually only wash items (particularly my more precious items of clothing) when they are noticeably dirty (or smelly!).

A laundry bag is your best friend. Always put more delicate items in a laundry bag, especially pieces that may get snagged, tangled, or especially wrung out.

Thirdly, even for machine-washable fabrics like lightweight jerseys and cottons, I hang dry as much as possible. Heat in particular deteriorates the quality of fabrics, and I find it easy enough to hang the garment up on a suspended pole indoors and let it air dry. Laying out a towel and placing the garment on it to dry flat works as well, particularly for knits that you don't want to stretch out. 

Finally, although I usually recommend dry-cleaning silks (as you can't just spot-clean silks), often you can also hand wash them with a silk-safe, delicate hand-washing detergent and let it hang dry and it works just as well. Hand-washing of course also means you'll have to do a bit more work with ironing or steaming the piece afterwards, but it can be worth the dry cleaning cost. Hope these tips are helpful and if there are any other suggestions you'd like to hear, let me know at



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