NOT Travelogue: Chengdu, China

An artist I discovered last year, Riva Christophe, spoke about how “in a completely different environment, you have to take off all the concepts you’ve been wearing. By doing so, movement occurs such as taking off the skin, scraping off something, and trying on something different.”

On my travels and throughout my life, I’ve gravitated towards kindred spirits who share my sense of curiosity and adventure. So I decided to ask some of my favorite humans who are lucky to call extraordinary destinations home: What are your top 3 off-the-beaten-track treasures in your city? And what would you wear while while exploring these secret havens?

Our next stop: The exciting city of Chengdu, China, guided by illustrator and model Icy Tan. The capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu beckons with its stunning natural landscapes, contemporary comforts, wildlife (the panda capital of the world!), and a culinary scene that sets taste buds ablaze (yes, spicy lovers, this is your haven).

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Chengdu travel tips photo of bamboo grove wangjianglou park paired with model in white silk tank

Surrounded by beautiful bamboo groves and plants, 望江公园 Wangjiang Park located next to Jin River is my favorite in Chengdu. There is a beautiful old pavilion facing the river, and not far from it you can have Sichuan style covered bowl tea(盖碗茶) in the tea houses. I like to come here reading or enjoy sunbathing or subtle wind when the season changes, because the smell of the air also changes. I would wear NOT's Elasticated Tank in white silk.


Chengdu travel tips photo of street in yulin district paired with product photo of red swirl silk tank

 玉林 Yulin is an old neighborhood contrasted with a young and bright vibe. You can walk in the old streets, visit local markets, and see local people enjoy sports and mahjong. At the same time, you can bump into hidden modern bars and cafes and restaurants in aged buildings. It’s a neighborhood I go to often when meeting with friends or when I crave local authentic food and I'd wear the Elasticated Tank in red swirl. 


 chengdu travel tip photo of A4 art museum paired with model wearing printed pantsIf you are a gallery person, I highly recommend A4 Art Museum. As the top art museum in Chengdu, they hold high level exhibitions regularly. They are currently exhibiting artist James Jean’s solo show. Also the museum is located in a living community with nature and restaurants, so basically you can spend a whole day there. NOT's Gusset Pants would be perfect for a day appreciating art.


Profile photo of Icy Tan with illustrations surrounding

Icy Tan is an illustrator who makes storytelling illustrations and drawings through her everyday life. Her inspirations often come from her detailed observations and child-like curiosities toward everyday wonders and her non-stop discovering of the unknowns in the world. She puts lines and colors into her artworks through the guide of intuition and observation. Find out more at and @icytantan.



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