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not by jenny lai halo machine

The Halo Machine is a machine that paints light for single exposure photographs, built by the multi-talented Geoff Robertson who is a UX researcher specialized in education technology as well as an artist and engineer. Throughout the last 7 - 8 months, he has been building, iterating, and experimenting with this machine and inviting various artists to model within it. He custom designs the light armatures for each photoshoot, which can spin at speeds up to 120 rpm. Each take lasts about 30 seconds long, snapping a continuous string of  .5 second long exposures, capturing such images above in one take. When he asked me to model in my NOT fashions, I was delighted to get to play with this magical machine in person! Come behind-the-scenes with me! 

A casual interview with Geoff about what he built:


This was my perspective from within and from outside the machine: 

 James worley make up artistMake up by James Worley; The eye makeup would be picked up by the UV light when turned on. 

   geoff robertson

Reviewing photographs with Geoff in between looks.


Check out the final series of images in our Mobile Projects.  I would also like to thank James Worley for makeup and Audrey Wright for photo assistance! Follow @thehalomachine and @gbrme to see more from the Halo Machine.



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