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Costume Design for Danielle Russo Performance Project's Sentinel

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I had the pleasure of developing costumes for choreographer Danielle Russo Performance Project's new project Sentinel, throughout the course of this year.

Sentinel is a response to the current political climate, grappling with issues of surveillance, profiling, and the ever-growing domestic alienation of diverse bodies. Six site-specific solos will take place in politically potent, public landmarks across the 5 boroughs in September - December of 2017. Spotlighted in magenta clay from head to toe, the dancers are intended to reverberate the political underpinnings of each location and of each performer regarding her/his/their lived experience as an "other", targeted body. 

Each solo will be filmed (filmmaker Luke Ohlson) and screened in a constructed surveillance room, alongside a live exhibition of the makeup (Marc Witmer) and costuming process (myself) and live iterations of each dance. 

The first solo was performed by Cesar Brodermann last week in a Staten Island neighborhood, here are a few behind-the-scenes shots! 

 Obligatory selfie with the beautiful pink man that is Cesar Brodermann, our first soloist. 

Last photo by Whitney Browne:




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