NOT Travelogue: Paris, France

An artist I discovered last year, Riva Christophe, spoke about how “in a completely different environment, you have to take off all the concepts you’ve been wearing. By doing so, movement occurs such as taking off the skin, scraping off something, and trying on something different.”

On my travels and throughout my life, I’ve gravitated towards kindred spirits who share my sense of curiosity and adventure. So I decided to ask some of my favorite humans who are lucky to call extraordinary destinations home: What are your top 3 off-the-beaten-track treasures in your city? And what would you wear while while exploring these secret havens?

Our next stop is a city that lit the fire in me as a young aspiring designer, wandering its streets with eyes wide-open: Paris. With its iconic Haussmanian architecture and reputation as a global center for cuisine, art, and fashion; with its charming streets and vibrant melting pot of cultures, Paris is the destination for travelers all around the world. And when it comes to Paris, there is none other whose recommendations I would ask than Alice Cabaret, an urban strategist born and raised in Paris, with an unquenchable spirit for discovery.

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Street view in Paris paired with a multicolored neoprene sweater

A charming, uphill street in the heart of my neighborhood (the 9th), leading up to Montmartre. There you can find the best cheese, wine, bread, pastries, vegetables... The terrasse of KB coffee shop is a perfect spot to meet friends and watch people passing by. You can then get a perfect cake at Fou de Pâtisserie, a shop curating the best pastries from France. In the evening, you can enjoy a cocktail at Classique, that opens onto a picturesque little square. My favorite thing is to watch the sunrise at the top of Montmartre hill, and then walk down Rue des Martyrs to indulge in a pain au chocolat straight out the oven. SO delicious. 

NOT's Tilt Block Sweater is a versatile top, perfect from morning to evening, from climbing up Montmartre to having drinks.


Leafy tree walkway in garden of Palais Royal paired with a colorful checked print jacket

My favorite weekend stroll! Start at the iconic Passage des Panoramas and make your way to the iconic Galerie Vivienne. You will arrive at Palais Royal, a former historic palace nestled in the heart of Paris, offering a tranquil oasis in the city. Try to get a chair by the fountain, the perfect spot to read a book. I love watching the seasons go by in one of the secluded rose gardens, and always look at the antique shop windows. Timeless.  

I would wear the Bomber Tie Jacket Landscape for its symmetry/ asymmetry and the colors reminding me of Palais Royal on a summer's evening.


Garden of trees flanked by buildings library francois mitterand paired with product photo of gray draped jacket

The perfect place to focus, learn and write. Designed by Dominique Perrault around a central garden, this remarkable building houses an incredible collection of books, magazines, archival documents, with exhibitions accessible to all. I find solace in the lower level of the building, which is dedicated to research activities. It is a haven of tranquility, offering the quietest space in Paris, with high ceilings that provide ample room for deep thinking. Nearby, you will discover the renowned French start-up incubator Station F, with the bustling Felicita food court. 

I would wear the elegant Papillon Jacket.


Portrait photo of young woman smiling and holding building units

Alice Cabaret is an urban strategist based in Paris. She is the founder of The Street Society, a creative urban agency, and the co-founder of the [S]CITY initiative, which explores the connection between neuroscience and urbanism. She is one of the 40 Parisian women featured in the book "The New Parisienne" (Abrams/Gallimard).


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