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We love traveling. An artist I discovered last year, Christophe Riva, spoke about how “in a completely different environment, you have to take off all the concepts you’ve been wearing. By doing so, movement occurs such as taking off the skin, scraping off something, and trying on something different.” On my travels and throughout my life, I’ve gravitated towards kindred spirits who share my sense of curiosity and adventure. So I decided to ask some of my favorite humans who are lucky to call extraordinary destinations home: What are your top 3 off-the-beaten-track treasures in your city? And what NOT style would you wear at each? 

Join us this summer for our NOT Travelogue Series, where insider tips and unconventional style blend to ignite your sense of adventure. Our first stop is my home of the last 12 years, and a favorite destination for many, of course - New York City. Let’s start it off right with the founder and designer of NOT!


Woman bent at shelves of files and a product photo of blue shirt with zipper

The New York Public Library Stephen A. Schwarzman building is an extraordinarily beautiful place just to walk around with its marble walls, high ceilings, and ornate details. Their collections are for research, with rooms dedicated just to genealogy and map study, for example. Don’t be intimidated by the “Researchers Only” signs, but do have some purpose when you walk in. My favorite room is the Picture Collection which is like a physical Google Images, but WAY BETTER! Started in 1915, there are 1.5 million circulating images clipped from books, magazines, prints, greeting cards, and postcards that have been a resource for artists, film set designers, teachers since its founding. I’ve been coming here over the last 12 years to find images to share with students, to research for historical projects, and for design inspiration.

I'd wear the Blue Two Tone Zipper Shirt to feel and look serious about my creative research!


People rowing canoe with NYC skyline and product photo of orange digital printed tank top

The Village Community Boathouse builds traditional wooden canoes in their small woodshop located right on the piers! I discovered this place a few years ago and like to join them in the summers for their free rowing on Sundays. Getting out on the Hudson River is always marvelous. On that note, I’d recommend taking the cheap ferries to nearby islands, or even a sunset boat tour. Seeing the old and current industrial ports of New York and New Jersey, and just the general view of the skyline from the water, is something that always takes my breath away. For a sweaty day on the water, it's the Nitrile Ripped Tank all the way.


Photo of open air courtyard with murals and product photo of striped top

Established in the 1890s, this area was a massive manufacturing and distribution hub before it fell into a 50-year decline. Today, this set of 16 buildings and courtyards has been transformed into a vibrant space filled with ateliers, stores, restaurants, art installations, and programming like movie screenings and dance parties. I particularly love the elevator interiors that have been painted by different artists, and the beautifully designed courtyards which are leafy and cozy. I would wear the Banner Polo anytime day or night here.


Jenny Lai in red dress against city background

Jenny Lai is the designer of NOT, an independent fashion brand for the actively curious. She aims to make dressing a surprising, playful, and transformative experience within itself. Her interdisciplinary approach as a fashion studio has also led her to create a mobile app, printed zines, a fashion coloring book, animated films, and exhibitions.  In addition to ready-to-wear collections, she loves creating custom performance-wear for musicians and dancers pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary performance. 

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